Short courses, seminars & workshops

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Students who have taken this course or tend to get enrolled in health and social care can get a work placement in a nursery, residential home, hospital or other caring establishment. This will lead to a route for further education and will develop pathways to become social workers, nurses, physiotherapists and in a range of these related occupations.

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Training as a security guard has to provide visitors with information as well as directing to other members of staff who can assist them. Maintaining a high level of customer service at all times and providing efficient security within associated switchboard and reception duties needs to be ensured for a secure environment.


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Seeking employment within the retail environment, you will be responsible for managing cash and card payment systems and maintaining health and safety according with the company policies. To ensure effective communication is in place being aware of the opening and closing times can be informed to customers and dealing with their further queries.

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In this area you will be able to provide a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the organisation. Being aware of the cleaning materials and to re-order is essential; also locking/unlocking the building may be required for security reasons.