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Security officers prevent theft and damage. For the entry requirements you will need a security industry Authority licence for most jobs. You must complete relevant approved SIA training and be aged 18 and over.

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Administration jobs are absolutely vital in various companies as they provide valuable help throughout the organisation. You will gain computer knowledge and be able to assist with both complex and general administrative tasks.

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If your interest is in providing financial information to management by preparing reports and analyzing accounting data then this job is perfect for you.

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News on the Colleges/Universities; Which course each college is offering, fees, intake.


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Management consultancies help business improve their performances such as analysing statistics, making recommendations and developing new procedures or trainings. Many firms working with public sector organisations help develop their services .Consultants will need to be flexible, hard working and should have the required skills to suit the context in which they are working in.

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If you have keen interest in teaching, getting a placement in a school or college is the right platform. Employment opportunities are grouped into teaching

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