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A good curriculum vita is a document that demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and also shows off a candidate’s communication skill. The most effective way to achieve these points is to focus on getting the right balance of appearing authentic and forthright. Tailored to fit and choosing the correct content to include for a well structured CV will have a positive impact on the employers .We will offer this service by assisting you with your CV for it to remain sharp and snappy for a quick reference.

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When applying for an advertised job or making a speculative application, the CV is usually accompanied by a covering letter. This highlights your key accomplishments and adds focus on your resume. We will help you to support and aim to demonstrate your suitability for the position in which you’re applying for, also make sure what you write in your letter is valid and has been written in a tone that creates an interest in you as a potential candidate.

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To get admission in the selected university or college you will be required to fill out an application form.


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If you prepare and practice your interview you can give yourself the best chance of getting the job. Being Confident is the significant reason in an interview as this has a lot to do in how you present yourselves. In terms of body language, eye-contact and appearance, this plays a major role in an interview. We will provide you the techniques and prepare a one-to-one interview to improve your performance for you to be able to speak concisely and clearly.

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Psychometric test
These measure; • General Abilities: Verbal, Numerical & Perceptual aptitudes (Intellectual talents) • Practicality: Spatial and Mechanical aptitudes • General work approach and preferred learning style • Basic Personality Structure: Awareness & Flexibility; Commitment & Confidence; Team & leadership style • Non-verbal reasoning section assesses how well you follow diagrammatic information or spot patterns.