Please make sure every document must be original no photocopies or fake documents. The following requirements should be met by the students so that we can proceed with their application to the next stage.
A few of them are:

Academic Requirements

Students should have above 50-55% marks in the last degree, then it is easiest to get the offer letter from the desirable university of the student. Secondly, the English requirements of the student should be met according to their grades, not only meet the requirement he or she should have a grip on the language, and fluency should be high. If these requirements will meet, then we need the documents of the student to continue the application.

These documents include:

Update CV

No education gap, must fill education gap more than 3 months with work experience – Work experience should be in Chronological order – Start MM/Year – End MM/Year or till date. Student complete postal address should be in CV including Postal code, House # street # City. Student Email ID and contact number must be in the CV. Must mention Education start and end date e.g., MM/YEAR


First and Signature page

Educational Documents

SSC degree transcript, HSSC degree transcript, Bachelor Degree transcript, Master Degree transcript.

Reference letter

2 academic reference letters are compulsory on letter head. The reference letters should not be older than 6 months. The date must be mentioned. The referee’s contact number and email id must mention.

Students should know the currency rate
The student bank statement should be mature and provided on time
Conditional requirements should be met on time and fees should also be ready

After getting the offer letter and passing the interview, we need to request his/her CAS.

IELTS Or English Test Requirements

We recommend IELTS and PTE tests, No other test to any student. If the student provides any other test and university change policy at the end, before issuing CAS OR offer letter. It’s not our responsibility. Like Elt, Language Cert.

CAS Documents:

For requesting the CAS of the student (Without Dependent), we need:

  • Bank statement
  • TB Test
  • Payment slip
With Dependent, we further need
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport and ID card of dependent
  • Children’s passport and birth certificate (In case of children)
  • FRC
Bank Statement
  • Basically, a bank statement is of two types (With dependent and without dependent) and depends on the initial fee deposit.
  • If the student can deposit the full fee initially then his/her bank statement only will be living arrangements for one year (£12006 in London and £9207 outside London). If the student deposits half fee Initially then his/her remaining fee will be also added to the bank statement.
  • If the student has one dependent (Spouse) then his/her living expenses of one year (£ 7605)will be also added to the bank statement. If the student has two dependents then the living expense of two persons will add to the bank statement.
  • The bank statement should be old than 28 days (Minimum) and must calculate in pounds. 1-year living expense and remaining tuition fees. Please check the pound rate on daily basis, if the rate fluctuates and goes up more than your funds then it’s not our responsibility. Check the pound rate on daily basis.
  • Along with a bank statement, an account maintenance letter is also compulsory.
  • If the student has the bank statement of the guardian, then we further need some documents such as:
  • Guardian Passport
  • Guardian ID card
  • Affidavit
  • FRC
  • Birth certificate
  • All these documents should be translated into English if the student’s native language is different
TB Test:

We also need the TB test of the student (Valid if not old than 6 months). In the case of dependents, TB of dependent is also compulsory.

Important Note:
Don’t send any document for review if it’s not meeting the above details. (Send student complete files) Every file in an email no document sharing by WhatsApp.