What We Do?

Synergy Solutions Private Ltd is a service firm providing services in the field of Career Development as advisors. Our office was established in 2012 and remains highly valued and trusted. Our aim is to facilitate students in finding the best career prospects for a bright future and in realizing their potential skills that will help them succeed in their career and professional life.

We serve clients and provide them career developments; training and educational services by giving opportunities to them as placement/internships with potential employers through our career development orientation in London and its surrounding areas.

We also assess clients’ aptitude characteristics, skills and interests via one-to-one interview and bring a genuine understanding from a wide range of sector backgrounds.

We really have sufficient time and flexibility to provide a personal solution to each individual client’s specific needs and circumstances. We strive to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect with all our clients.

As a well-known education agency with over long years of experience we are able to craft you to your courses and provide you with advise on what is best for you. After providing information on what courses are best for you we can also give you information on what are the best institutions for you to study at and best colleges or universities for you. That’s not all! We also can provide you with internships and placements where your career could potentially start through work experience.
With our expert and qualified knowledge we are able to guide you throughout the steps that may need to be taken in order for you to succeed in your future. This in fact is our main focus, to enhance your chances of growing with a well-known company or achieve potential objective. As we also can provide you with internships and placements which helps you to boost your expertise and skills sets along with the learning some fresh market experience. With us we assure you will be in most safe hands.
We assess you all the way through out your phases. From the very beginning where through our small tasks we can get an idea of where you and what you may need more help. All the way to securing your placement at a well established institution. We don’t stop there we also keep in touch after that so that you can send us referrals or you can come back to us regarding any other problems you maybe facing. At Synergys, we help you groom in order to excel in your career which opens new dimensions to you.