ICEF Podcast: The increasing appeal of Asian destinations in international student recruitment

In this episode, ICEF’s Craig Riggs and Martijn van de Veen discuss the latest developments in our sector, including a worsening student housing crunch in the UK and key insights from some recent, large-scale student surveys. The episode features a discussion on the growing appeal of study destinations within Asia. Institutions […]

The Canada-India diplomatic crisis: Will the flow of Indian students to Canada be affected?

Short on time? Here are the highlights: Canada and India are in the midst of a serious diplomatic rift, and there is a possibility that it will affect the flow of Indian students to Canada India is by far Canada’s largest source of international students and immigrants As yet, there has […]

Australia’s foreign enrolment surpasses pre-pandemic benchmarks

Short on time? Here are the highlights: The number of student visa holders in Australia has surged this year, and is now roughly 6% above 2019 levels Student commencements are also up significantly this year and high levels of student visa lodgements through July 2023 suggests further growth over the next […]

Three London universities have been named the best in the UK

The Sunday Times Good University Guide has spoken, placing three London unis in the top ten Depending on who you ask, London could be home to a whopping 160 universities. Which is, whichever way you look at it, a lot. And plenty of those are some of the best in the country –and the […]

Various Affairs Could Mean Even More Intimate Happiness, Says Science

Exclusive Benefits of staying in a Poly Relationship Interested in several partners? It turns out, there are many unique benefits. While those people who are polyamorous and prefer having multiple connections at exactly the same time in many cases are regarded as having the on top of that worlds, per a […]

Where to find and Set up Driver Software

Unless that you simply an IT professional, you may have likely used driver software at some point. Device drivers happen to be software programs that operate and control devices that are mounted on your computer. Drivers applications are important for numerous reasons, and here’s a take a look at some […]

Nosotros Sin embargo Comportarnos como un par de. Realmente Hace El Hombre Sin embargo Como yo?

Lector Pregunta: nosotros encontré mi en un Internet de citas sitio. Estuvimos juntos durante tres meses. El chico explicó él podría ser a la deriva además yo mismo. El chico dijo “Realmente no siento tener una novia y yo también no quiero salir con ningún individuo “. Hace una semana, colgamos […]

We have Living in an information World

We are residing a data community. We can visualize data and start with fashion, but exactly how get it to complete the work we wish? There are many methods to share info and gain insights out of it. Here are some ideas for you to consider. But first, let’s determine […]