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Success Stories

This is Adnan he is an international student who came from Pakistan in the hope of studying in the UK in a Business course. Adnan is now studying in Kingston University in a Business, Management and Law course.

He has mentioned that he enjoys spending time studying at Kingston especially because of its unlimited facilities and their quality professors.

He has also said he has had quite a rough time with the language and the accent. But the university was very supportive and has helped him gain self-confidence.

This is Pradeep he is an student who comes from India in the hope of studying in the Canada for a business course. Pradeep is now studying in Focus College for a BA business administration course just like he wanted to.

He likes spending time studying at Focus college especially because of the education and knowledge he has gained from the course.

He also would like to encourage other students to pursue a course at the same place because of its high ranking.

Akram comes from India to study in University of West Scotland for the MBA course.

He likes studying at UWS because he has adapted to make many friends who come from the same country and speak the same language!

Even though he doesn’t speak in his language at university he feels it has helped him feel more at home by speaking to people from his country, he is also very happy it has relieved him of any homesickness.

This is Abdul. He is from Pakistan, who has always had high ambitions of studying in the UK. He has always wanted to study in Hungary.

Our consultancy has now given him the opportunity to study exactly there in a Business course.

Abdul is now a happy student at KJU who enjoys the scenery in KJU alongside the campus itself. He has been hard at work trying to grasp the courses and the modules she has to study.